Our All Aluminum Flatbeds feature one-piece flanges with no splices and no potential for ‘Section Joint’ cracking. Also, unlike other trailers on the market, our Flatbeds are truly all aluminum, down to the landing gear components and king pin. This results in tremendous weight savings, allowing us to maximize the weight capacity on tandem axles.


Our trailers equipped with Carrier refrigerated cooling offer the best temperature recovery times on the market. All of our refrigerated units use ibright® software to monitor your load’s temperature throughout a trip and can quickly detect if a reefer reaches “out of temperature range” so that we can take preventative measures to reduce the loss of your fresh and refrigerated goods.

Step Deck

Our All Aluminum Step Deck is a full capacity product able to carry any shipment. Like our Aluminum Flatbeds, our Step Decks have all aluminum components and with added crossbars to ensure unparalleled strength and durability.

Roll Tite

Our Roll-Tite flatbeds use our all Aluminum as the base, and the Glider Tarp Systems patented Tarp Connector system for the rolling tarp. This system ensures a tight seal, keeping the environment out and your cargo safe. Our Roll-Tites are built to a height of 104″. This allows us to haul shipments up to 102″ wide and tall.

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